LATEST TRIP/ Great Yarmouth / UK

Recently we’ve made a new Vlog about the UK! You can watch it HERE

But let me tell you a bit more about our trip in addition to the video.

Recently my fiancee left the Czech Republic and went back to the UK to work towards my wife visa. He has to have bank statements for the last 6 months for the application to show that he can support me after I apply for a visa. Spouse visas are quite complicated in England…I guess as everywhere.

Because Dec worked in Prague before,  he had no incoming funds from English companies and Czech ones won’t count, which means he’s got to go to the UK for 6 months OR we could provide savings £ 64 000 (this amount also has to be on his account for half a year) which is an enormous amount of money for us at the moment. That’s why he’s there now. I am still living in Prague because there is no visa which allows me to illegibly stay with my fiancee for quite a long time.  Alright… there is a fiancee visa, but It’s going to cost £1500 and after that, we will have to apply for wife visa which also won’t help us to avoid being in different countries because fiance visa will also require sponsorship proof from a UK citizen.

Anyway…the process itself it’s complicated and I might dedicate time to another post regarding visas. Meanwhile, we are coming to each other as soon as we can. This time I came to the UK to visit Declan and we went to Great Yarmouth!




It’s an amazing town on the east coast of England. It is some kind of touristy town for English people. Long sandy beach, lots of restaurants, a huge market, 2p machines etc🤣. I did like the speed of life in the town. It’s slow, calm and happy. The main thing why we came there was definitely the beach. Seaside is amazing! Not too many people, clean and beautiful. Different part of the long beach will be different from another one. One part will have more rocks so it’s quite a challenge to reach the water. Unfortunately, the weather that day was not that good and we couldn’t swim. Water was too cold and the wind was too strong, sometimes we even couldn’t stay straight, a body couldn’t fight such a strong wind.




A town walk was wonderful! Cosy hotels surrounded by flowers, trees, beautiful gardens looked very inviting, kind of saying “just stay for the whole weekend”. A lot of restaurants and shops give you a variety of choices for food, drinks and desserts! You understand this place is full of tourists when you see souvenir shops almost every 50 metres.

We couldn’t miss 2p machines 🙂 I am smiling after mentioning that because It is not the best way of spending time and wasting money but damn.. it was funny! It is still weird for me how adults bring their kids with them to play these machines. Not that it’s very bad (If they spend 30 mins in a month there), I would say it’s more a mentality difference and the way what parents taught me. In my family gambling was..and I guess still is one of the worst things you can try in your life. So as for me, it’s a bit odd, but, honestly, it is quite fun for a short time period.


2018-07-28 14:16:34.553.JPG


If we had more time I am sure we would do much more and would visit local museums, walk through central part of the town and of course, If the weather was good we would spend much much more time on a beach.


2018-07-28 17:38:35.587.JPG


If you are reading my blog or watching the channel not the first time then you know how much I appreciate these one day travels! It’s refreshing. We did lots of trips like that in the Czech Republic and now it’s England’s turn 🙂

I was too happy to see Declan and so happy I will see him this weekend! It is tough guys to spend time separately every day after a long time of living together. Appreciate moments like that as we had this weekend!

Happy travelling


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