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Waiting and Patience

I am not the most patient person (unfortunately!). Most of the time I barely handle my emotions caused by delays. Even now I am literally writing this post from the airport while I am waiting for delayed Ryanair flight to the UK.🙄

If you are like me and you hate waiting, welcome on board! I’ll tell you what are the things to do to cope with your emotions and turn potentially wasted time into productive.

  1. Last minute plans changes? No big deal! Make sure you adjust your plans to avoid the mess.
  2. Stay busy! Find some other things to so while you are waiting. Read a book, write a blog, socialize with people, make some useful research…etc.
  3. Stay positive! Yup! As simple as it is – keep a positive attitude. Even If this delay ’cause many other changes in your plans, it is not the end of the world! You can spend this time being proactive, positive and even turn it into fun!

All that (and many more other tips you can apply to a situation like that) will help you to develop patience. If you are already enough patient then no waiting will bother you, but most of us will go mad, become angry and annoyed.

If you are not patient and you feel that you’re so close to start “killing” everything alive around you or blow up like a huge bomb:

  1. Meditate. 5 mins are enough. Include some breathing technique. You’ve never meditated? That’s okay. Google some meditation for beginners and try to meditate for 2-3 mins at first. Breathing techniques work very well and help to calm down.
  2. Call a friend. Or mom, husband, other family member or neighbour, whoever! Talking about your thoughts and problems always help to calm down and just relax a little.
  3. Write down how you feel about the current situation.

All verbal, non-verbal ways of expressing your emotions are definitely helping with patience issues. This way you let your negative energy go out. You empty the space for something nice and positive. Use it to bring your mood back to normal and then go back to the first part of the blog, keep yourself busy!

Wish you no delays!


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