Dancing experience and future goals. Is it hard become a dancer?

Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.

After being a dancer for years I wanted to do more dancing projects, dance videos, and perform as a part of a hip hop team.

I started dancing when I was 8 y.o.. My parents brought me to a dance school and I began my first ballet class. I failed the opening audition and the school was reluctant to take me, but then after my second audition – I was in! Full force, 2-4 times a week (maybe even more, I really don’t remember), averaging 2 classes a day which was intense as a young child. It was an amazing but challenging experience! I didn’t have a typical ballet physique with limited flexibility yet very artistic and emotional.

I graduated after 8 years and it was a long time before I started to dance again at the university where I took some contemporary classes including stretching and jazz funk. When I finished my education in my home city, I went to Saint – Petersburg where I found the TOMBOYS dance team and that’s where my hip-hop dancing experience began.

One of our performances on a championship

I’ll tell you what…. It was not easy! With my ballet background, my body wasn’t ready for grooves, fast rough movements, beats, isolation and all other things we refer to as “hip-hop” 🙂

We attended several championships and a majority of them were successful. This experience is something I will never forget. During the last 3 years, we had dance classes on a regular basis, 3 days a week and night rehearsals before the championships in different cities.


If you have any idea of your own project – start asap! It’s worth trying! Me and my best friend started our own small project the TOMBOYS_DUO and what did we do? -We just danced in the car 🙂 Yep. that’s right! Sounds ridiculous,  but it became something more serious.
Check some of our videos –  here and here.

We would sspend every weekend in the car for hours making up our choreography with hours of rehearsing, recording and editing.

How to develop your dancing?

One of the biggest part to improve your dancing is going to dance classes. There are a lot of big and small dance camps in Europe, UK, USA and Russia (There are a lot..A LOT more than I know about).  If you are a dancer and you want to improve your technique, body capabilities, emotional aspect of dancing, performance etc. – attend more classes and try different styles. Remember…


A lot of people misinterpret that If you feel awkward, your body feels uncomfortable during dancing. BUT push yourself and you will grow! Your body will become stronger, more flexible, more able to adapt to different styles. Never quit when you feel like you can’t do it! The stronger you push, the stronger are results.

Right now I’m trying to combine my current job in IT with dancing as much as possible.

I dance in Elements Community crew (CZ), I teach kids every Sunday and along with that, I am constantly looking for any evening classes. The more knowledge of different dance styles I have practised, the more. Even If muscles are aching, I go dancing, If I’m tired, I go to dance! See the pattern..?

And as for me, it’s still not enough. I don’t dance every day and don’t spend a lot of free time dancing due to workload.

But one of the main goals for me now is to dance the best way I can, watch myself dancing and really like what I see, enjoy every move, emotion! Everything!

For people who are trying to find a job within any creative niche I really suggest to use (it is not a promotion) – Visual CV . It looks like – and it’s easy to see all info about you and including portfolio!

Is it hard to become a dancer?  

I don’t see myself as the best of the best yet, but that is my mindset and the sooner you change yours, the sooner you will become. I bet a lot of people feel uncomfortable in themselves and their capabilities. I get the same thing but try to find one thing you like in yourself in your dancing and focus on that as an achievement. You need to keep practising, achieving goals and remember – It’s progress, not perfection.

Just don’t stop. Believe in yourself. Enjoy every single moment, enjoy when it’s hard and when it seems that your body is dying, like you can’t do it anymore!


I wish all dancers the best of luck and more patience in your journey.

Let me know If this post was interesting, I can share a lot of stories and dance experience with you, maybe I can give you some tips and share some useful tips! Or maybe you can give me some 🙂

Happy dancing.



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