Fasting to KETO. My experience

A couple of months ago I decided to try this “Keto diet” which worked extremely well for my friends and they got amazing results within weeks in terms of getting more energy and weight loss progress.


Some of you might ask (as lots of my friends did): “What the hell is Keto diet? What is ketosis?”


Ketosis is a metabolic state in which some of the body’s energy supply comes from ketone bodies in the blood, in contrast to a state of glycolysis in which blood glucose provides energy.


So basically you need your body to start burning fat to get energy. The main rule of this diet – eat more healthy fats as possible! Yep, that’s right. For me, it was a bit shocking because all people who are completely crazy about fitness, healthy food, always told me – “more proteins, more vegetables, less sugar and fats”. But here you have to remove carbs to 20g/day, 80% of all your ration will be fats.


If you are not on ketosis yet you might even get more harmful results out of this diet, so make sure first that you reached keto and now you can change your ration. To reach keto you can use 2 options:

  1. Fasting for around 40 hours (drink water, tea, coffee + coffee with coconut oil)
  2. Keep keto ration for around 3-4 days with no fasting before.

I wanted to do it faster, so I decided to fast for 40 hours. I have no clue how people can love fasting time and be like “great experience”, “you are in harmony with yourself”, “I feel renewed” aand la la la.. I’ll be honest, I felt not comfortable at all and got no enjoyment in this process 😀



First 12 hours were very easy. I started fasting around 8 pm on Sunday and my Monday morning started with water and coffee. Later I had bulletproof coffee and in between – lots of water. Ideally, you want to have around 4-5 litres per day on fasting, but I think I did 2, I just didn’t want more. I had the second coffee around 3-4 pm as well.


The whole day I felt a bit weak, all my thoughts were about food, but mostly I missed the taste and process of eating rather than lack of food for surviving 🙂 So it’s much more psychological work with yourself. That’s how you can test your willpower. The hardest part for me was dinner time when I came home. During the whole day, I kept my brain busy with work but after I finished work that’s where all the thoughts switched to the food. My solution was – go to bed at 9:30 pm and sleep for 10 hours.


Next morning I woke up and felt like I don’t need food at all! Had only water for my breakfast and I was full of energy! I did a keto test (you need to pee on a special stick which indicated if you’ve switched to keto) and I hit it! I did feel more energized after 40 hours of fasting, but I must say that I am in no rush experiencing it once again! 🙂


Keep in mind that If you have a headache, add salt in your water asap! It will help.



Now I’m on the second day of my keto diet and my first meal after fasting was a very delicious chicken salad with almonds and coconut oil




It’s quite heavy! I have never had a lot of fats in one meal. Still adjusting to this ration. Everything should be cooked with lots of oil and butter, mayonnaise  (better to make your own). It’s important to control portion and be strict with rules of a diet to stay on keto.


One week for the first time will be enough for me to understand if I want to do it as a long-term change in future or just try it from time to time, because so far I do struggle that I can’t eat fruits, I am not so comfortable with such heavy food and lots of fats and … well the worst thing is that I love sweets and cakes, aaaand fruits ❤️


Although as far as I’ve heard from people who’re on keto for months, they lose weight very quickly and energy level is always high.


I think it’s worth trying (If you are not vegetarian of course). But be careful, learn as much info as you can and make sure you are actually on keto while you are keeping this ration.


Maybe some of you are on keto now or tried before, leave comments about your experience 🙂

Stay healthy!



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