How ​the ​Czech Republic treats us so far


Never shared yet our feedback about the life in the Czech Republic. During the whole year, we’ve got so many stories, memories, difficulties and overall amazing experience.

Along with how much we adore this country I can’t leave unmentioned that fact that it hasn’t been so easy for us to make life here very comfortable.


I am working in sales as a Media Buyer in a start-up company. My fiancee is a stonemason but here he works as an English teacher. We are both qualified in what we are doing. Ambitious, motivated, positive and always aimed at success. However, it wasn’t surprisingly easy to make enough money to satisfy our needs. We’d like to travel, save some amount for future plans and expand opportunities, but unfortunately, even after a year, I can’t say we’re close to that.


IT industry is overloaded beyond belief. I myself know a lot of people who make good money in sales within IT. Most of my friends are working in the same field, but If you work in a start-up, it’s a different story 🙂 It might happen that start-up doesn’t show promises due to lack of employee’s experience, technical disadvantages, financial issues etc. In this case, unfortunately, it’s kind of hard to grow in every aspect within a company.  In addition to that, there is always a risk your company won’t exist next month. In my case, we have a bit of everything.. I am also literally attached to the company because they provided me with a visa. We are not making enough money to ask for raise and we are desperately trying to make it work and don’t want to give up. Which is a good thing, but I’d be happy If in addition to that I could afford many things I think of now as “add it to a bucket list, will have/do it one day later”.


We’d love to truly live here, not survive from month to month.


The Czech Republic needs English-speaking teachers, native speakers (specifically in Prague). You can find job openings all over expats websites and groups. Schools are looking for teachers for kids and adults, private lessons are also quite popular. Sometimes teachers are being hired by some agents which cooperate with several schools and just “hunt” prospect teachers all the time. So I’d say If you found a job as an English teacher in Prague and you don’t deal with any 3rd party companies – you’re lucky. But my fiancee was working through 3rd party company with several schools in and around Prague.


His schedule was crazy, he could have several lessons within one day in different cities around Prague. Which was not that bad overall. You get used to things like that. Kids were…If I described it in a very soft and kind way – not nice. Seemed like no one ever taught them manners, how to behave in school and that they actually come to school TO STUDY. One of the students complained to parents “Because classes are not fun”..after that a school director asked my fiancee to change the structure of a lesson to be funny. I’m telling you!! If I came home at my 10 and said that to my mom, I’d catch such an unpleasant look and a very serious conversation  I would never forget.  It was a struggle to love this job because it neither brought satisfaction, nor enough money that a good teacher would expect for hard hours working with Czech kids.


I think I would speak for both of us saying that this year was definitely one of the best in our lives in relation to experience and self-growth, people we met, achievements. We travelled the Czech Republic with a fine-tooth comb.




We developed a lot as creative individuals and started to upgrade self-growth a lot. Maybe all the difficulties made us much stronger overall. One thing I know for sure – I would never wish this experience never happened.


Yes, we haven’t saved any money yet. 

Yes, we struggled with so many “I want to… but I can’t due to..”

Yes, we can’t wait until we have some great, massive changes to happen (will share later).

We will still love this country and Prague! I just wish we had slightly different circumstances to make things work in this location.


Happy living in a location you love and feel like home!



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