How to get a lot of things done and don’t get nuts!


I am sure you also felt like you have no strength and everything what happens to you now is too much.

Too many things of the same time, some urgent problems you have to resolve, people you have to meet, important trips etc. At the same time, we all want some time and space for ourselves.


1. Make a list of all things you need to accomplish this week/month.

When you have a full picture it’s easier to prioritize within your list. Now you know what can’t wait and should be done ASAP and what you can temporarily forget about and do it later.


2. Cross ones you’ve finished!

It helps to visualise your progress and you can see actually how much you already did!


3. Appreciate small wins.

Instead of saying: “I haven’t done that much” / “Didn’t do so well” / “Still super overloaded”, say to yourself: “OK! I actually accomplished 15% of everything I had to do!” / “Good job! Small steps help me to keep cleaning up my list”


4. No stress!

I know it’s not easy, but don’t stress out about things you can’t change! Do what you can do and, again, step by step with a clear mind you’ll get there 😉


5. Small evaluations.

You can do it on a daily basis os however you want. Check your list, analyze what you’ve done and what could be done If not specific circumstances. Appreciate your achievements and leave the list and thoughts about what could be done better or what you have to do tomorrow. RELAX! You did a great job!


6. Have fun! Keep enjoying life

Exactly! You. have to remember that no matter what – YOU HAVE TO ENJOY LIFE! Don’t get too deep into worries about everything you need to resolve. Life is not all your problems and difficulties. Life is also a bit % of happiness and joy!


That’s how one by one you will slowly clean up your huge list and one day you’ll realize that the most urgent and important things are done! You did it and didn’t stress out too much.


It’s a great practice which will help to resolve very hard tasks at work, will give you more control over your emotions to effectively succeed and don’t be on the edge 😉

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