10 tips to improve your creativity


Creativity is defined as:

1. the state or quality of being creative.


2. the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination: the need for creativity in modern industry; creativity in the performing arts.


3. the process by which one utilizes creative ability: Extensive reading stimulated his creativity.


A lot of people (I am not an exception) struggle with generating creative ideas. There are some simple tips we can use to change that and push our creative mind 😂


1. Don’t get locked on one idea or direction.

There is such a thing as “Become a pro in one thing”, but when you want to expand your creativity, you should rely on whatever you like and get the maximum from it. If you are a writer, but also like painting, try to create one and I am sure some of the ideas will appear on your mind during the painting process.

Sometimes we need to distract ourselves from the main idea to switch our conscious mind and let the subconscious share insights with you while you are focused on something else. Yep, it does work this way 😉 Your creative mind will work in all directions. While you are working on one thing, it will find ideas and ways how to apply them to your main creative niche.

You can read a quite good topic about being a “scanner” personality – here


2. Try one new thing you haven’t done before every day.

I tried that myself! Unfortunately, I stopped recording those unique things after some time, but I am sure If I start keeping track of that again, every day something new happens, that have never happened before. We can talk about notable things like a parachute jump, a tattoo, a concert etc. But let’s focus on more achievable (on a daily basis) kind of things. Reading 5 pages per day instead of 0, calling someone instead of texting, learning a new language, dancing a style you never danced before, meeting people on the street ..etc. It’s totally up to you what you will find new and unusual for yourself. Then, later you will apply that to your creative vision and your projects.

If you need more ideas – feel free to check a post with some daily ideas 


3. Focus on something you are the worst at

No one likes this one, but it’s really helpful. Let me tell you my short story. I am a dancer. I love hip-hop, contemporary, high heels, fusion dance, experimental. I do love house dance, but It is a very hard one for me and I don’t like how I dance it. But I understand how much it helps me to improve my dancing within other styles and how great my body develops. I become stronger, quicker AND have more dancing ideas. I feel more loosened up after these classes. Now, doesn’t matter how much I don’t like how I perform this style, I do see the difference it makes. That’s why I attend house dance classes as soon as I have a chance.


4. Do your research. Watch more inspirational videos.

Yes, sometimes everyone struggles with coming up with ideas. And it is okay to become a detective and research the market. No need to copy the others, but you might get your own ideas watching other people’s videos or reading their blogs. The foundation of your idea can be found in other people’s accounts, but then you will make a completely different thing because the way you will see it is different and unique.


5. Get to the basics, adjust it with your ideas

I think we can apply that to every area of our lives. Don’t know what your website should look like? Make a basic white page with a simple menu and then you have a clean space for your creativity. Then, you can add a couple of other blocks, some colours, testing fonts, adjust more and boom! Your perfect design is ready.

Same goes to everything creative. No ideas? Go to the basics, do something very simple and adjust it in your way. You will come up with something great, I promise.


6. Make an online challenge for yourself

Most of us need that kick or push, or discipline. Nowadays social media means a lot to many people. Create a challenge for yourself. For example, write a post every day, do one big painting a week, cook one unique meal every 3 days, design a logo every day and so on. You will have some kind of pressure. You signed up for it and some of your audience will be waiting for you to post it. It is some kind of psychological push for you.

Meanwhile, under the pressure, you will generate creative ideas and a lot of them. It might not be easy but it will happen. Creativity level will 🚀


7. Get a training, master class,  course, webinar

I think it is very obvious that to get better we also need to study and upgrade qualifications and skills. There are lots of free webinars or free-month, 7-days subscriptions to different courses.


8. Be updated with an expansion of your niche

When you understand your area you can not only understand what’s going on there and how you can use current trends, but you also can either “predict” what’s going to happen next with that area or become the one who might be the reason of changes. It’s easier to come up with ideas when you are up to date now.


9. Meet more people from your niche and exchange ideas

So many men, so many minds. By exchanging these mind thoughts we expand our area of interest and knowledge. Socialize with more people from your area. It will definitely help you to build up on your creativity.


10. Do not care what people think!

Society’s opinion and evaluation is not something that should stop from trying new ways of being creative. If you have any idea but you start with thinking of what others will think of you – no no no… you will not move from the dead spot. And If you accomplish what you wanted – you will go crazy waiting for the feedback and every even slightly negative comment with throw you into deflated self-esteem.


Are there any cool tips you are using at the moment? Share in the comments below ❤️


Happy creative thinking



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