Remote work ideas to make money online in 2019

I am a hard worker. I don’t think it’s a very good thing, because it is always better to work smarter and not harder, but at this point in my life, I work a lot. My friends work a lot too and after researching where people make money from without any investments (assuming you have a laptop and the internet, maybe a camera as well) I decided to come up with this post. Here are some of the platforms you can use for extra – revenue. Or actually, you can even live off these sources.


1. Share your knowledge with Skillshare 

One of the best ways how to share your knowledge with people is to teach them your ways. You make an online course with several classes within one program. Build up the program, give your students some homework. It will take some time to come up with an idea of what you will teach, but as soon as you have a course ready and people like it – you will keep getting new students and it will be more or less constant income.


2. Create a course on Udemy

Kind of similar platform and the way od an additional or even the main income. One great thing about Udemy is that they advertise everything for you. They bring you traffic and all you need to do is come up with new content. One good tip is to set up your course for free for some time, get good reviews, get some students to watch it and then put the price on it. This way you already have some nice rating and student’s review. Then Udemy crew will drive more traffic to your courses. Create more interesting and valuable content.


3. Register on Upwork

Well, as for me, this one is the most complicated. It takes too much time to get a job there. I think If you have some very valuable experience and knowledge, it will be easier for you to find a project to work with, but usually, If you find a nice employer and deliver a great result, they will want to hire you more and more. Then, after receiving good feedback and rating employer might invite you to work with more projects. What you can try to do is decrease the price for your first jobs to get some feedback and get experience with Upwork, after that it should be easier to get new projects.


4. Check companies with remote vacancies.

2 words. Just google.

This option worked well for me. Within the last year, I worked with 3 companies which needed a publisher manager, a writer and a customer success manager. I found one vacancy on, another company found me on Linkedin and the third one was suggested to me by one of my friends.

As for me, it always makes sense to talk to your network and ask If anyone is looking for employees (related to what you do) and If it’s possible to work remotely. Also, don’t forget about searching online. Linkedin, Glassdoor,, Indeed and many more other websites have remote vacancies posted. It might take some time to find the perfect employer, but it’s doable and not too hard.


Of course, another way is building your blog and using affiliate marketing, but it requires a lot of time + knowledge how to get traffic on the website (SEO), marketing, content making etc. You can start your vlog on Youtube or podcast, but it will also take time for you to grow it. These are actually great ideas for a side project. If you already have an idea which is unique and popular, then go for it! Meanwhile, you can make decent money freelancing.


Happy moneymaking!




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