Self Growth

Get over your hard times and get your life back on track

Don’t let perfectionism hold you back! Know that you can imperfectly make progress. Just take the 1st steps towards your goal and things will come together!


We get insanely upset and devastated when life shoots us in the face with something very unexpected (in a negative way). Any examples? We all have been there – lost the job, broke up with boyfriend/girlfriend, broke an expensive phone, lost investments, so on and so forth.


The most interesting thing is that we can’t see at first how we close our eyes and turn ourselves around from the solutions, diving into depression, procrastination, sadness into the “no way out” mode. Instead of losing time and energy on current circumstances resistance, let’s see what you can do to get out of that mode and change things around you very quickly! 


1. Limit your moaning time

Easy to say, hard to do. Emotions are important, we all understand that trust me..we all do. Give yourself some time to let all those emotions out, get upset, cry, share this suffering with the world. For sure, If you keep all that inside you, you won’t move on as rapidly as you’d like to. As soon as you feel “lighter” and like you would be actually okay enough in another mood – get the hell out of there and switch to a proactive mode in step 2 💪


2. Write down all your fears. Self-analysis time. 

We get upset and panic a lot because we are scared of something. If you write down everything that you’re scared of, look at it and analyse every single fear, one by one – you will feel a lot different about some of them. They might even seem unlogical and wrong. Think of what you have a direct impact on and what you can change as well as what can’t be changed by you at all. There is always a way out from any situation. I bet you never separated all your worries and fears thinking – it is okay to have them all, but it is too easy to get rid of them. Just go one by one.


3. Take off your blinders and realize your potential

Here comes the most exciting and interesting part. I think we blamed ourselves enough for what happened already and now we should stop it. Get all the positive things about yourself, realize what is the best thing which motivates you. With positive thinking and asking the right questions, you will start finding solutions and ways out.


Instead of saying “Why this happens to me”, try “How I can change it”


BE SPECIFIC! No vague questions and goals. Do you want to find a job? Specify what kind of job you need and ask “What should I do to find X Job?”.

Do you want to make more money? Ask “How I can make $2 000 per month?”


Your mind will work differently since you start asking the right questions. You will see more opportunities and they will come to you. After some time you will have several tactics on how to get your life in order and get back to a positive, happy you!


Done? It’s time to come up with the plan!


4. Step by step plan.

You already have your questions and ideas ready to rock this world. Let’s get back to your fears now. Any new showed up since the last time you checked them?


Yes – follow the procedure in step 2, analyze them and minimize the impact. Make them so unimportant and small, so you won’t notice them on your way.

No – damn that’s great! Let’s move on.


Buy a weekly or monthly planner. Keep the focus on time management and don’t procrastinate doing anything. NO TIME WASTING! Step by step, day by day you will achieve more and you will get closer to your goals. More opportunities will come to you and at some point, you will realise how much your life has changed. You will forget how upset you were before.


Don’t forget to appreciate all small achievements and be grateful for what happens to you.

One more advice – create achievable goals. People tend to want and need a lot and be very self-rigorous thinking “I have to do more / better” or “It’s not enough”. It never will be and that’s good! Give yourself some credit and be realistic.




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