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My 2018 achievements

New Year is here!
Time to look back to 2018 and get those positive reinforcements for yourself and appreciate all the achievements I had. I suggest you do the same because as we discussed it earlier, it will help you a lot to get closer to Your goals and get lots of things done!
Let’s go!
1. Joined Elements Community school and by Feb. 2018 there was a first dance competition I had in the Czech Republic in 2018. Overall, moving to next months from that point, we did get silver and gold medals on several competitions and were very close to going to the European championship. We didn’t get there, but our crew was strong and oh my god it was such an amazing atmosphere!
2. Teaching high heels in Prague for adult beginners. This is a fascinating experience I must say! I did teach before but mostly kids and now I had my own class for adults. And in Prague! International teaching experience  – yes!
3. Went through stressful working days. Startup life is not always fun, sometimes the company went through very tough times, financially and not only. We had to change the concept of the company, we had to adjust the working process. I was literally out of my professional road sometimes and was doing a bunch of everything. Having a great people around helps a lot and I still liked being there, but we went through a lot this year and I’m grateful for that experience as well
4. I worked remotely for 2 companies after my main work (because of financial difficulties we had) and managed to keep the work done very well on all 3 jobs and keep my financial levels on a level enough for living in Prague.
5. Travelled to more than 10 different cites in the Czech Republic + flew to the UK more than 10 times (visited more than 6-7 cities) + had a vacation in Spain and went to Cyprus for work. Also, went to Saint Petersburg🤘🏻
6. Got back to German! I’m determined to study it at least to B1 level.
7. Had my weekly radio show (still do actually) on Also had several musical podcasts did and a couple of videos on YouTube.
8. Participated in a small concert as a singer
9. Back to dancing .. attested lots of classes in The Czech Republic and UK. Was in the selected group in London and Prague! It’s huge!
10. Read more books in one year and listened to more self-development programs than I did within the last 5 years.
I could go on and on after I started and my brain comes up with more and more little things that I’m proud of, but I’ll stop on those 10 for now.
There are times when I appreciate everything I do, but I never wrote it down before.
I am grateful for this year and for all the tough moments and miserable seconds, happy days and weeks. For all the challenges (I had many of those in 2018 🙈) and for the strength which grew inside me and helped me to resolve them all!
I am grateful for people! Only my fiance deserves a book about how much he did for me and how much he means to me! I am happy my family relationships are better now and I appreciate my connection with them is back.
I am grateful for me being myself and my self-growth. Every year I notice changes and feel like a bit different person. I love it !!
Crazily grateful for everything and I am freaking happy! 
Hope you find the appreciation for all 2018 and build up that happiness inside you along with the excitement of going into 2019.
Happy New Year to all of you, lovely people!

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