Too ambitious? It’s never a bad thing! Unless…


I am a very ambitious person, always ready for new chapters in my life, ready to change the world and make the big things happen.


What If sometimes ambitions make life a bit more complicated? That what happens with me sometimes. I have so many dreams and goals as well as “I want this”,  “I want to achieve that”, etc., that I become anxious and nervous.


The question I ask myself quite often is – How to be patient then? My ambitions can be my own enemy from time to time.


Time flies too fast and I want too many things to happen now! Not tomorrow, not in a week, but now. Or when I set up some of the goals, I want to achieve them with not very realistic deadlines. Especially when I find myself looking at someone’s social media.. oh that’s a trap! Everything seems to be too easy for the others. And it looks like whatever they planned yesterday, today it’s already all done. Which is not necessarily how it is. In most cases, it’s not like that at all.


See, I think it comes from childhood (as lots of things which build our personalities). And my parents used to tell me a lot how I have to be strong, a winner, achiever, successful person etc. I grew up being a very competitive person, I always want to have the best things, be the best, get the best feedback about myself. I’d like to be recognised.


Now I have this person who is a fighter inside me and this competitive another side of me and I* need to get everything I dream of! Time doesn’t play the best part in this game, because while time goes on, it seems that not too many things are getting done and after several months, a year I think ” oh my..time just flew so quickly and I didn’t achieve this and that..”.


So I need to figure out how to keep my ambitions oh a high level, keep my motivation, but chill down in terms of timing. It doe feel like I live like it’s the last month of my life and If I don’t get things done now, I am a loser.


And that’s why I judge myself too often and too soon. Then It might happen that I lose motivation and…and might want to quit on my goal. Of course, after a while, I look back and turn on the logic this time, no emotions, and understand that I am on the right track and I have to be patient.


Being patient and achieving your goals slowly does not always mean you are not doing things right and it’s not a reason to judge yourself and turn to the negative pattern.


I am definitely learning how to do that still.


Step 1 for me – stop comparing what I have with something that the others have and instead of saying myself “Ah, look what they’ve got”, say – “hey! look what I’ve got”


It is damn important to give yourself some credit and get off that social media perfection. Did you know that 1 of 3 teenagers now has a depression caused by social media? 1 OUT OF 3 😯Not a funny statistics.


Don’t let your wrongly developed self-criticism combined with stereotypes and someone life’s cover mess up with your thoughts.



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