How to organize the wedding in 2 weeks! Prague Wedding!

Hello beautiful people. Today I will tell you a story about how we managed to organize our wedding in a very short notice!


Why it happened in the first place that we had to make it happen so quick!?


Are you in the process of wedding crazy planning and somehow you ONLY have 2 weeks to prepare for your wedding and you want it to be amazing and not too expensive? I’m here to share our experience with you and the first good news – IT IS POSSIBLE!


Because of the visa procedure (the UK wife visa, completely different story, will share all the details a little bit later, hold on) we had to get married before the end of Jan. 2019. I live in Prague and my husband lives around Cambridge. By the UK law, we couldn’t get married in the UK, for that, I would need to get either a Fiancee visa or basically a Tourist visa but just to have a ceremony in the UK. But only fiancee visa would work in terms of legal marriage with all the papers being ready in the UK. So we decided to get married in the Czech Republic for several reasons:

  1. No extra visa required for neither me nor Declan
  2. It is much cheaper to organize it here rather than in the UK


Ideally, we wanted to get married in October-November 2018, but there was some kind of elections since October till the end of December and no one could get married… just no one, deal with it 😀 So, we did and postponed everything for January, thinking we wanted to go with just a simple registration and the restaurant afterwards. No dress, no party. quiet, quickly just get it done.


Booking the registration office.


Now we are laughing because it turned out to be a totally different kind of wedding 😉  On 2nd of Jan 2019 an agent who helped us with all organization in the registration office called me asking If we want to take a date 17.01.2019 (2 weeks from that day) and we need to confirm asap because now dates get booked quickly after such a long break. I called Declan and we decided to book that day for our wedding. The agent asked If we just want to sign the papers in the office without any ceremony for3000kc (116 EUR) or have an actual ceremony in a beautiful place right in the centre of Prague – Statomestka Radnice for 4000kc (159 EUR). That’s where everything started to change towards our amazing wedding outcome! We’ve decided to have a ceremony in a gorgeous building with such a popular wedding location!


Booking the restaurant.


After that, we just informed everyone “Hey guys, just wanted to share with you that we have our wedding on 17.02! Yayy”. Literally….30 minutes later many people already booked their flight to Prague to celebrate that day with us! We were shocked! We really wanted a small celebration maybe with 2-5 people, but in 2-3 days we had a list of guests – 27 people! After that, of course, we thought about the place where to celebrate this day and had to book the restaurant somewhere in Prague. I would say that was the most complicated thing to do. First of all, most of the restaurants are very expensive (for Czech wages and living), starting around 1000 – 1500 per person (wedding menu) – 40-60 EUR. After many calls and conversations, we’ve found this amazing place – Chateau St. Havel wellness hotel




Amazing castle with nice prices around 600kc per person (23 EUR) + extra for drinks, depending on how much everyone had. We ordered a buffet and they had enough food for everyone + we even managed to get some back home. The restaurant itself is not too far, but we had to take uber for every 4 people. We booked 3 hours over there and that was enough to eat, talk, spend time with everyone, take pictures and have fun!


Some drinks in between.


Afterwards, it was a little more like a chill time. We went to a Fashion Club and had a few drinks, invited more people who couldn’t come to registration or restaurant before and informed everyone in advance that it’s not a pre-paid event, everyone had to pay for their own drinks. We were very happy that no one actually said anything against that and helped us to organize it.


The third best part of the day.


It was some kind of “pit stop” before the evening party, which was incredible! We went to a medieval restaurant with the evening show and 5 dishes included in 1000 kc (40 EUR) price per person – U Pavouka! Right in the middle of Prague. There was a fire show, dancing, fighting, some acting, live music, delicious food and unlimited beers! I mean..even If you don’t drink too much, it’s an amazing add-on to the main course! Everyone also paid for themselves, so it was quite a relief for our budget.


So how much did it cost then?


In addition to that we had:

  • Wedding dress (600 EUR)
  • Groom’s Wedding suit (350 EUR)
  • Wedding bouquet (45 EUR)
  • Shoes for groom and bride + accessories (150 EUR)
  • Wedding cake (80 EUR)
  • Payment to the agent (65 EUR)

So..overall our budget was 43 900 kc (1710 EUR). And we managed to organize everything in 2 weeks. It was perfect! Everyone had so much fun and what’s most important, this day became even more perfect for us!


We had a little moment of panic, not even once. Then we got it together and boom! Organized everything on such short notice. At some point, we were quite overwhelmed and that was one of the days when I came up with the post about “full cup” and when we organized our “to do list” and things got easier since then!


Good luck to everyone who’s on their way to their dream wedding! Hope it motivated you to turn off the panic mode and get proactive and inspired you as well.


Happy Wedding!


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  • Prague wedding photographer

    Hey Anastasia, you are amazing guys. Really good organisation and budged. I and my wife also had the similar wedding organisation in Prague. I would like to congrat yoj both and I wish you have an amazing life in Prague or in UK. Kemal

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