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When your “cup” is full.

Had no time recently at all to get to the blog, although since the last post so many things have happened, it’s insane!


I went to the UK for a month, changed the job, got married, applied for a new work visa in the CZ, applied for a wife visa in the UK, got a fish. The last part is not significant a lot you might think but it played on my emotions a lot 😀


There is a thing which some people can refer to “A full cup”.


You can use this phrase when you’ve had enough of everything and you don’t have any emotions, strength left to pay attention to anything else around you. Most of the time we manage to empty our cup from time to time by finishing some job, just something what was on our minds, going to vacation, spending quality time for ourselves just re-charging inner batteries. Everybody has their own ways. But sometimes it’s not possible due ..well, whatever really, just due to being overloaded.


That’s where things go crazy and you might feel like you:

  • can’t do this anymore,
  • tired to do anything new,
  • exhausted and washed out too much to be happy about anything,
  • can’t change what’s needed to be changed,
  • have no time for yourself/family/friends, don’t want to see anyone,

and so on…lots of other conditions all around it. You get annoyed, you don’t sleep well, you get too stressed out and just constantly under the pressure.


That’s the clear sign! Your cup is full, man!

Time to think about yourself and pay attention to YOU! Give yourself some love and empty your cup at least a little bit (Ideally till that point when you are completely fresh again).


Here are some ideas of what you can do to achieve that:

  1. Find any weekend retreat outside the city and spend some time on nature, relaxing, walking, getting all the worries outside your system,
  2. No need to leave somewhere If you really can’t do it, just spend 10-20 minutes doing something which releases your stress level and will make you feel better,
  3. Sort out your “Things to do” list. Sometimes we panic and make more noise about what’s going on around us than it actually is, so add a little bit of structure and see If it helps you to feel better,
  4. Finish smaller things first. Prioritize whatever you have in your “To do list” and start with more achievable thing first. Small achievements will bring you satisfaction and that feeling of your cup becoming empty.


I know..I know, my friend. Easier to say that get it done, BUT…clear fact that If you can not find at least several minutes per day for yourself to balance your “cup”, then that’s what you want it to be. Maybe you got used to the fact that you are always too busy. Or you like this “Superman/woman feeling” when you need to save each and everyone and only you…and no one else can do what you do so it’s okay to be incredibly overloaded. Even maybe… you feel like you don’t deserve any rest and you need to even work harder. Think about it, dig deeper and find that reason which doesn’t let you get any time for yourself.


And overall my suggestion would be…don’t get too emotional. We tend to overreact to too many things in our life, so technically we make everything more complicated ourselves. Makes no sense, right? We are the ones who care about our lives and we need to make things easier and better.. But yeah, the truth is most of the time we don’t actually do that 😀


Jokes aside. When you get that feeling of your cup being full. try to sort it out and empty a tiny part of it, then a little more and more. Don’t ignore that feeling thinking it will go away at some point.

Help yourself, you will appreciate that 😉



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