We’re moving to Bath!

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We’re finally moving to the UK! On the 21st of March, I’ve got my spouse visa (will tell you about that experience soon!) and Declan came back to Prague to help me sorting out flat (painting, cleaning, fixing a few things) and packing, getting ready to move out!


But till today we did not know where we will go. I mean we like too many places in the UK which are for sure all very good for a living – Edinburgh, Cambridge, Norwich, Bath, Outskirts of London, Birmingham, Leeds etc. But after Prague, it is quite hard to find a place which will give you the feeling “like home” so you get to feel a spark towards it. So far, Bath is the one 🙂


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We picked several of the most important factors for the city to live in

  • Cost of living
  • Creative opportunities
  • House prices
  • City life (active)
  • History
  • Location

and so far Bath matches all of them! However, we haven’t been there yet, but everyone who’ve been there gave us great feedback and we researched online and “walked” through google maps 😀 But we believe it’s an amazing place for us!

One more thing which gives this location a huge YES is just 45 minutes to the ocean!! From the coast, you can see the capital of Whales! Around 1.5-hour drive to London (or a direct train), 30 minutes to Bristol, 3 hours to Cornwall.


As for other aspects, we’ve researched a lot of IT related jobs (sales, account management, etc) which is more the area of my experience (although I am looking forward to changing it as well) along with stonemasonry for Dec which as we assume should be a perfect place for jobs like that because..well just look at the houses and historical places. Stone is everywhere and we are sure that restoration is needed there at some point.


City life is quite active even there already, but If we are bored – Bristol is quite close, which is also amazing for dancing, creative opportunities, socializing, some master classes in whatever 🙂 Also London is not that far, although it can be quite pricy to get there and back quite often but it’s good to have it close as an option.

So, overall, we are pretty happy with the decision we’ve made. Can’t wait to make it our new home, walk it through, find out secret amazing places! Hedgie will need another relocation, but I think after travelling through half of Europe she will be alright with that 🙂


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