Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest in 4 days!

Before relocating to the UK my husband asked me what would I like to do in Prague or the Czech Republic that I wanted to do long ago but didn’t have a chance? I said I wanted to go to Vienna. It’s very close and for 2.5 years in Prague, I didn’t have a chance to get there.


So we planned a small 4 days trip

We love travelling by train but this time we chose the buses because they were much cheaper.


-> Prague to Bratislava


Each ticket cost us 445kc (€17.30). Regioget usually have good buses with wifi, coffee, you can watch a movie or just relax, seats are quite comfy and overall I have a good impression about them since it’s not the first time we travel with them. But this time I think they had too many people going to Bratislava, so they had a second bus which was just usual – no wifi, no drinks, just a usual bus. The bus was quite early so we took a nap and talked a lot, so overall this fact wasn’t a problem. However, I also needed to work during the trip, so I needed to be online and it would be just nice If Regiojet could inform in advance that the bus won’t have what you expect.







The trip took around 4 hours and it was around 30 minutes walk from the main Bus stop to our one-star hotel Turist . At that moment the price was €80 for 2 nights. It’s a very basic hotel, If you ever go there don’t expect too much. Wifi barely worked (very weak signal), on the bed we had super thin pillows, so it was very uncomfortable to sleep. We also bought breakfast for €5 per person (just eggs, ham, sausages, some veggies, bread and oats + juice and coffee). One huge disadvantage this hotel has is a level of security. Right before we went to sleep, we’ve heard the key in the door from the outside and then some girl came in. She looked shocked, apologized and left. We assumed that all doors have the same locks which mean anyone can get in. Hey ho! Location was great and we needed a clean place like that just for a shower and good sleep.


We decided to stay there for longer than 1 day and just spend one day in Vienna coming back to Bratislava in the evening.



Bratislava reminds me of some post-Soviet-Union country. Small, but a beautiful old town with an amazing castle, park, old streets and cosy houses. But there was nothing like “wow, oh my! I will definitely come back and want to spend more and more time here”. What we will remember for sure is a blue church not too far from the city centre. Very unusual architecture, amazing colour. It’s just beautiful.



-> Bratislava to Vienna (just for a day)



Next day we went to Vienna. It takes 1 hour to get there by bus and it’s also pretty cheap. Tickets for 2 people both ways cost us €20.


Vienna left an amazing impression and I would definitely love to come once again just to hang out and visit more places. Because the city itself is full of historical places, museums and so on, it takes much more than one day to enjoy it. But we visited several main sights and walked through almost all central part of the city:

  • St. Stephen’s Cathedral
  • Stadtpark
  • Belvedere Palace
  • Palas Schwarzenberg
  • St. Peter’s Catholic Church
  • Mozart’s house


I know only 1 person from Austria but I assume they have something common with German people because the city is very clean, all the transport systems make sense, everything work like a Swiss watch.


-> Bratislava to Budapest


Price of 1 ticket (Flixbus) – €25.


The whole trip seemed to escalate (in a good way) from city to city. Bratislava – okay but not that great, Vienna – was wow, but Budapest just left me speechless. Just check out pictures!



Just 1.5 days in Bratislava and we walked around 43 kilometres!


We are big fans of historical places. Budapest conquered out attention and appreciation. So many castles, gorgeous churches! The whole time there was full of “wow! look at this! oh, let’s go there! amazing, OMG” and so on 🙂


One place which also left a big impact on us was the holocaust museum. We left the exposition almost crying, talked for ages about what we saw and how humanity allowed that. No pictures was taken there, but I say If you never visited a place like that – please do. Everyone should know this part of history at some point.


To get positive emotions back we went to the zoo cafe . What an idea! While you are waiting for your order, you can play with cats, bunnies, hedgehogs (only in the evenings), snakes, chameleons and so on. It’s better to reserve the table before you arrive, usually, they are quite busy.



We took a night bus back to Prague from Budapest which as we found out later wasn’t our best decision just because how tired we were after this trip. When we arrived back home, I think we slept for 4 hours more just to get rid of the tiredness.


This trip was so active! Not everyone would enjoy this “running around” as some people called it, but If you are brave and have a limited amount of time and you don’t want to spend time in the hotel – wake up, get ready, charge all your devices and get out of your room, go explore!!


Then I asked my husband, what he would like to do before we go then? And he wanted to get to the summit of mountain Snezka which is the highest point of all the Czech Republic and we actually got there next weekend after our little Euro trip, but it’s another story which I will share very soon 😉

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