On the move!



So! Big news! We are on the move, which means we can finally go places and we are not locked in Moldenhallon weekends! Isn’t that great?


We checked cars on and bought it from the garage close to Huntington. It took us ages to find one because of:

  • the budget we had
  • the location we live in
  • the availability of cars


We arrived at that garage and initially, we wanted Fiat Punto, but another family was testing that one so we had to check other cars available (we were determined to get the car that day, otherwise those 3 hours trip to that garage would be a waste of time and waste of Saturday 😀


So we had to go with another car and before we got it, we went to and checked how much the insurance would cost, checked the road tax, overall If the car is good and took it on a test drive. Now imagine – we need to test a car but only I can drive it at the moment but I have never driven the car on the left side of the road, manual with the wheel on the right side. Totally new situation 😀 . But it was good and after we got it we went back home and hey-ho! Now we can travel places!


We already went to see Framlingham Castle and then had a wonderful walk in Aldeburgh. I think the most important thing for me living in the UK is to be mobal, otherwise buses are expensive, traines are extremely expensive as well and it builds limitations within the location where you are at, but now we can expand the reach of traveling during holidays or even on working days!


Happy traveling!



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