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FREELANCING. A key to the freedom or a depression anchor?


I am freelancing for quite a while now but before I used to combine it with a full-day office job. It was challenging in some ways, longer working hours, multitasking, but rewarding – higher salary overall.  Since the beginning of this year, I work remotely only and I faced several issues along the way:


  • Not enough people around me to socialize with during the day
  • Finding the best spot for work to keep me in that productive mood
  • Not enough time outside the house If I work from home (and no movement at all sometimes)
  • Taxes
  • Over-working


I am sure some of us who work remotely faced some or even all of these issues. They are all quite easy to fix If you have enough financial resources and good discipline!


Not enough people around me to socialize with during the day.

You think the answer to this one is very simple – get out and socialize BUT!! One thing when you work from home is that you need to work during the day and you don’t have time for making friends around the city. You could go to the co-working space. And here where 2 “but”s appear:

1 – you need to be able to afford it or make sure your company will pay for that expense

2 – people also come here to work so don’t expect it to be a constant chatting and having fun with everyone who’s working from there.


For some people this makes no difference, they can easily spend the whole day alone just kicking ass working because they have this mindset of “I come to work to do my job, not to talk or make friends so stop moaning and get to work”, however it’s not my case at all.

What do I do to fix it?


1 – sometimes I work from coffee shops (having people around me already helps, but it costs money)

2 – I will still go to a co-working space because some of them have events after work which can be good to attend to possibly meet new people

3 – I could come to work with my husband. I am just working in my chair but the fact that I am not alone also helps a lot!


Finding the best spot for work to keep me in that productive mood

That’s an interesting one as well. I currently work in the lounge inside the house. My laptop is on the coffee table and I sit on the floor. Doesn’t sound comfortable enough but I surround myself with blankets, tea, water, music, snacks and the atmosphere keeps me very efficient, focused.


What do I do to fix it?


Although sometimes I lose this feeling of being “on fire”, so I go to the coffee shop. Some of the people I know get their best productive moments in co-working space because they have this pressure of spending money for the time spent there, so they feel bad procrastinating there, just wasting money.



Not enough time outside the house If I work from home (and no movement at all sometimes)

I hate feeling myself like a lazy dumpling. I have the goal to do 10 000 steps minimum every day and it got so deep into my habits that If I do 8 000 or even 9500 steps I don’t feel satisfied enough and have to go and finish it. Now, working from home is limiting movements to the borders of house walls – kitchen, working space, toilet, maybe a balcony If you have one. So it Is not easy to avoid this dumpling feeling toward the end of the day. People who work from the office have to get up, get ready, make their way to the office, then go to lunch and get back home.


What do I do to fix it?


If the weather is nice when I walk to my husband’s work to have some lunch together, then in the evening we walk together for quite a while just to get some activity. Along with that some workouts and dance classes. If money wouldn’t be an issue – we would go to the gym again.



Ha, I am an economist but I have no experience in accounting. But now I have to take care of my own taxes.

Yes, I could find someone who would do it for me and wouldn’t even be worried about it, but the financial situation is different at the moment so I will try to do it myself first and then we’ll see If I need any help or not. I do know people who are struggling with tax reports being in another country because they might not know all the laws and rules. I would say it’s more a mental worry and a little bit of panic rather than an actual problem for me.


What do I do to fix it?


Research about a sole trader in the UK, deadlines for tax report, how to claim tax refund for expenses and just positive thinking about all that, so I wouldn’t think “OMG how complex it is”



Not sure how many people would actually have problems with this one, but I do sometimes. The problem is that being at home the whole day there are no distractions, so I can start working at 9 AM and work till 5-6PM with almost no breaks. Have a quick lunch within 10-15 mins and get back to work..It is good for the results I suppose along with your employer, but come on, we need to think about ourselves as well and If you’re not paid by the hour it makes no sense to work more than you should on a daily basis.


What do I do to fix it?


Control my working hours and literally keep an eye on that trying to get more short breaks during the day, trying to distract myself sometimes. Otherwise, I can forget that I wanted water like an hour ago but was too focused at work that couldn’t leave the laptop even for a second 😀


One thing to control now – not to let freelancing or working remotely impact my mood. More conscious I am about it – more control I have over the mood 😉


Happy Freelancing.


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