Leeds, Ilkley Moor, traveling closer to the north of the UK


Hey everyone! There is another traveling story I’ll tell you today!


We live in Mildenhall, which is a nice little town. Today we are moving to Feltwell, which is even smaller than Mildenhall, but we are always 1 hour away from Norwich and Cambridge. One weekend we decided to go to Leeds to visit Dec’s brother and the difference between all cities around us (not including London which is also pretty close) and Leeds is quite huge, very.. veeeery active and social life is quite alive. But the downside is how messy and chaotic the city is.


After spending enough time there, we decided to go check what’s around. The point of our destination was Ilkley! It is such an amazing town. I actually think it’s the village. The architecture is different from our area.



This town is surrounded by mountains, amazing landscape views. After a quite nice walk around we went to Ilkley Moor. It took us just 2 hours to get there and back and it’s so worth it. On the way up there there is a coffee shop for those who want to enjoy a cup of a hot one and catch a breath.




A lot of English people and families have dogs so it is a nice thing if there are enough places where dogs are allowed, which is actually a pretty rare thing. We found an amazing place called The Commute Yorkshire Coffee house – cycle workshop. This place is just wonderful! Not that it’s dog-friendly, there is an amazing coffee and tasty sandwiches, it is also combined with a cycle workshop which we found incredible!



Coming to closer to North makes a difference – architecture, nature, mentality, people behaviour. I think we would be traveling that way more often soon!


Happy traveling!

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