Feltwell. Norfolk, United Kingdom


Feltwell is located near the city of Cambridge. Feltwell is a village with a population of just over 3,000 people.


Contrary to the frequent Soviet stereotypes, villages in England are very different from our villages (except, perhaps, not the most profitable farms .. and even then… not all!). A lot of villages are actually quite rich and people from big citied buy houses in villages for a retreat and holidays. When we went to Ukraine, my husband realized where that funny reaction to the fact of living in the village came from. There is no leaning over houses with broken roofs or scary abandoned houses, roads which look like right after a war.  At first, I had a very negative reaction towards villages…it wouldn’t matter If it’s Feltwell or East Horsley (one of the richest villages in England).


There is nothing I can surprise you with when we talk about Feltwell high street especially if you live in the city 🙂 Of course, there are grocery stores, post office, school, hospital, vet clinic. There is 1 bar (there were 3 before, but, unfortunately, 2 were closed), a cafe, a restaurant, delivery of Chinese food and fish & chips. Two churches, a gym, hairdresser, souvenir shop, and so on. That’s pretty much all the essentials you would need and in 2k walk from our house. In the UK it’s okay If you don’t have many stores around you, pretty much all you would possibly need can be delivered to your doorstep.


People we’ve met here are nice and friendly. I guess it’s one of the advantages of living in the place like that – you know a lot of locals which builds the community. It should be easy to make friends within neighbours and I guess that makes me feel even safer.


One thing I found very nice around here is one of the neighbours who’s selling chicken eggs once a week (Saturday I assume) and sometimes tomatoes. All fresh just from his own chicken and garden. Local cafe buys meat and eggs from the local farm. I know it sounds old-school, but I like that the food is fresh and the products are local.


Our house is exactly the reason why we don’t live in a bigger city. It has a very long history and stretches right to the 1180-s. At some point, the building was used for military needs, then there is an assumption that there was an elementary school before as well. It is majestic and makes you want to dig up its entire history! When you tell the locals that you live in East Hall, everyone immediately knows what house they are talking about.

Some information about it can be found here , a bit more here – (depends on what owners we talk about, for instance, If it’s Richard II of England, then we can understand the connection to the house in the 1300s). More official archives – (also, If we take to consider some of the owners who lived here in times of Henry III, then it’s sometime around 1240-s).


Of course, many people wouldn’t be interested in English villages, there are too many of those around. But it’s nice to know a bit more about where you live.


Cheers 🇬🇧


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Feltwell. Norfolk, United Kingdom

  Feltwell is located near the city of Cambridge. Feltwell is a village with a population of just over 3,000 people.   Contrary to the frequent Soviet stereotypes, villages in

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