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#Coronavirusupdate – Don’t get bored!


Everyone is talking about Covid-19.

Social media goes crazy, news, everywhere online. I don’t read the news, so I find out what’s going on from family and friends. As for me, it’s the best way to keep away from anxiety and not necessarily stress.


All I need to know:

  1. Keep a safe distance with people I don’t know
  2. Isolate myself If I feel ill
  3. Disinfect the surface at home and in the car + wash my hands
  4. More nature + home, less crowded places to visit


What is the point of the panic? I don’t see one. BUT! I do understand the importance of keeping myself busy these days. Because I work remotely, I am busy during the day anyway, but in the evenings now there is not much to do. Also, my husband was sent home because I had the flu last week, so, at first, we decided to go to another part of the UK to travel and enjoy nature!


Peak District is amazing! I worked in the hotel and then when we had time – we drove to a few different places. Yes, it wasn’t a long time gateway but omg it was perfect. Is it safe to travel this way? 100% YES (if you traveled as we did).

So, first of all, clean and disinfect inside the car + door handles. Then, prepare disposable gloves (some petrol stations also have them next to the pump). Then, prepare your and snacks – less you buy on the way – less contact with the virus you might have.

Have a lot of sanitizing tissues (or just get a gel.. you can even make one at home). When you are in the hotel or at the restaurant – keep a distance from others – we have seen so many places leaving notes on tables asking people to leave 1 table in between other people. Change popular touristic places to visit National parks, Woods, Seaside, Walking trails.


As for me – it’s so simple, that you won’t even have to worry about the virus on a trip like that. Now when we are back from our trip there is another challenge: keep ourselves occupied. What I’ve done so far:


  1. Scheduled online dance trainings that are going on all around the globe at the moment. Most of them are free!
  2. Planned places for long walks with my husband and our dog
  3. Safe visitations of family members who we know are healthy
  4. Lots of housework
  5. Some beauty stuff that I can do on my own: nails, hair (I’ll dye it), eyebrows, massages, masks (face, hair). Not all in one day for sure, but enough to be done within 1-2 weeks
  6. Projects to work on for my jewelry course and exploring my own ideas
  7. While dance school where I teach is shot, there is tons of time now to prepare ideas for the summer show!


When I made a list like this one above, I actually realized I don’t have enough time for everything I want to do! Can you imagine? 🙂


Stay active! Stay healthy!

Happy quarantine.


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