#COVIDUPDATE: Can’t get my driving license due to COVID19 – hence, I can’t drive.

In 2 days neither me or my husband can drive a car.

This sucks big time people. We’ve got a car, Dec has his provisional license, so he can drive the car when someone else is in the car with the full UK license. I sill have got my Russian driving license. And that’s why you’re reading this message now.

I moved to the UK on 30.04.2019, which means since then I only could drive a car for 12 months, after that, I have to apply for the UK license. As a citizen of the non-EU country, I can’t exchange my license, I have to pass theory and practice tests as everyone in the UK

“While your full license is valid, you can drive any type of small vehicle shown on your license for up to 12 months from the time you started living in Great Britain. To continue to drive after this you must pass a GB driving test before the 12 month period ends. If you get a GB provisional license during this period, you will not have to display ‘L’ plates or be supervised by a qualified driver, and you will be able to drive on motorways. If you do not pass a test within the 12 month period, you will not be allowed to drive as a full license holder and the conditions of a GB provisional license will apply.”

As you guessed, it’s 28.04.2020 today and I won’t be able to drive in 2 days. I started my application and sent it to DVLA at the beginning of March. A week later I received a form I had to fill in and send back with my passport, which I did. During this time, a lockdown happened. G R E A T. DVLA offices are closed and they ONLY answer the calls from keyworkers as well as help via email only to keyworkers. Webchat doesn’t work as much.

I work from home, so I am not a keyworker, In this situation, this means I can’t get any help from DVLA, my application will be delayed and I can’t pass theory or practice till lockdown is over (which, of course, no one knows when).

I contacted DVLA via Facebook and asked what can I do and if there is any way whatsoever to prolong those 12 months due to the COVID situation. Basically, they said – no, there is no case of prolongation for a situation like this and I must not drive from 1.05.2020


This makes me so anxious and mad, ’cause life is already not comfortable enough and there is a lot of uncertainties. Now we can’t even drive to get essentials or for the exercise (We drive to the woods nearby, because there is nowhere to walk in Feltwell as much). Moreover, when the lockdown is over, can you imagine what delay it will be to take tests? Everyone who planned to do that in March/April/May will be re-scheduled for later and new applications will be soooo delayed.

Due to these circumstances, we’ll have to move out of our house as soon as the lockdown ends because Dec works in a different town where we can’t get by bus from Feltwell, so have to drive. Ah..hang on.. WE CAN’T!!

I know it’s more of “hey I’m pissed off” post, but I need to express it somehow (just talking to friends and family didn’t help). I hate that I can’t change it and if not #covid19, I’d most probably already have a new license or would be in process of passing practice by now.

Next steps

Today/tomorrow go to supermarkets and pet shop, buy everything we might possibly need within 2 weeks, and around the beginning of May hope for the best for the lockdown to be lifted. If it’s not – I guess we will have to move in with parents, because we don’t want to rely on everyone to come weekly and buy us food, at the same time losing our mind on 30 min walk around the village where you meet so many people every day during exercise. And poop Lola will eat us alive. She’s a very active pup. Mildenhall, on the other hand, is bigger, there is a big supermarket and many more places to go for a walk, so.. fewer chances to lose your mind and If anything happens – our family is there and they can help.

I am working on my emotions and hoping for the best trying to keep a positive mood.




  • Jen

    I just was searching for a way to request an extension for the 12 month rule for foreigners needing to take a driving test. I’m from the US and haven’t been able to get a test in before my Jan deadline. What ended up happening for you guys? Soo stressful!

    • admin

      Hi Jen,
      Our tests were cancelled twice and moved to another dates. Currently I am waiting for mine on 31st of December and my husband’s in January! I hope it will go well and there will be no other cancellations due to how covid situation is developing now in the country.
      It is stressfull indeed! We just hope at least one of us gets to pass the test and get the licence asap!

      You can’t even book a test yet? I’ve heard mostly everything is booked up now till April 🙁

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