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Why do I choose to stress out?

Heya, everyone!

Long time no posts, no chats, no..nothing really. I’ve been quiet due to some changes in life, which I’ll share later on #secretnotsecret.


With all that Covid situation…I still don’t have my driving licence and there are a lot more things to stress out about now. I realised that It’s easier for me to stress out and waste my energy on thinking “what if / what about / it’s annoying” etc.

One thing I can’t accept is the fact that I can’t change anything when that’s clearly n. 1 thing to do:


” If there is anything you can do to change the situation – LET THE F**CK GO!” ..


… I’m yelling at myself and still struggling with it. The most annoying thins (which is funny) is that people around me seem to be EVERYONE literally, who says “Ana, just go easy on yourself, relax, let it go, it will sort itself out”. What do I see? A huge sign hitting my head kind of giving me a hit – If I have people like that who surround me – that’s what I need to do!.


I’ll explain what I mean. When I was a kid I’ve heard a lot of:

  • Tell me who are your 5 best friends and I’ll tell you who you are.
  • If people annoy you – that’s what you need to focus on in yourself
  • You are surrounded by people with a similar mindset
  • If you wonder what’s wrong with you – look at your friends


And before I thought it’s a pile of bull sh*t and people say that as an excuse. But If I analyse my friends they are highly motivated, very positive, active, supportive, innovative, funny, thoughtful, respectful. educated. That’s what I can say about myself (…I could think too much of myself sometimes, I know 😂). Sometimes I see little things that I don’t have, like patience and notice how patient everyone around me are. It tells me that I need a bit of patience too. It’s the same here, when I need to let the situation go If there is nothing I can do – and move on!


Not that now I need to do whatever my friends or family is doing – nah, but “scan” what people around me think and do and learn from it too.


It’s a long way, but as an example from DVLA with the UK licence, that’s how I progressed:


FROM: checking their FB every day, sending 2/3 messages per day demanding a reply – TO: checking their page once per 1-2 weeks, a few comments left, neutral or positive

FROM: obsessive checking the news, calling their offices, being angry that no one replies – TO: no calls. no news. AT ALL.

FROM: moaning and complaining about it every day to friends, family – TO: no news – nothing to talk about. PERIOD.


Occasionally I do get this rush to call, message (for example, today I burst into anger when they cancel all the tests AGAIN! and no steps taken to help people with valid international licence).


Anyway! I guess – relax, take it easy is my new daily mediation line 😛

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