5 ways to Declutter your flat/house/room! Free up some space!

Why did I start decluttering?


I should start with the note that I’ve always thought that I don’t buy useless things. Then I watched Netflix show – Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things. It’s a great show about guys who quit the corporate world and decided to join the lifestyle of minimalists. They’ve also got a podcast on Soundcloud called “The Minimalists podcast” and they wrote a few books as well (which I haven’t read …yet!)


I thought, I invest in them and have no issues with throwing away something I don’t enjoy wearing anymore. And that’s so NOT true. I found that I own a lot. And there are a lot of clothes that I think “I’ll get back to wearing them whenever”, or ” ah. this was expensive back in …. so I can’t throw it away”. Or “but that was a present..” and a bunch of other excuses. So I just look at all my things again and thought:

  • I will throw away everything that looks old or has some cuts/holes/discoloration/unwashable stains/
  • I will get rid of (give away/sell) anything that I don’t wear for more than 6 months. OR that I know I don’t enjoy it but I wear it as a sign of respect.


I’ve had an idea of cleaning space around me for a while now. I’ve gone through a few workshops/trainings for the past 6 months and the first step you need to do BEFORE you clean the mess in your own mind – is to clean your physical space. But because we live with parents at the moment and most of my stuff is in the boxes here and there (loft or someone else’s house) – it’s hard to properly declutter, however, I still went through my stuff and managed to get rid of a few cardigans that I don’t wear, a few pair of shoes that I don’t and won’t wear and even some old jewelry (a few pandoras rings that I haven’t even touched for a year or two).


Here’s how I get rid of some of my stuff.


1. What helped is also selling some of these things. I’ve heard of the app called Vinted. My sister-in-law is buying things there, so I thought why won’t I sell a few things instead. And..I haven’t had much success selling clothes before in Prague, so ended us throwing it away, which I think could still help someone this way. And now, my wellies are not waterproof anymore and I’m looking for new ones, so I am exchanging some stuff too. So far I only dealt with reliable people and I am trying to deliver things as soon as I can and make sure people receive what they expect. So, that’s one of the ways of decluttering your wardrobes and closets! 


2. The second one I found is eBay but haven’t tried to sell anything there myself, although we will when we move into our own house as my husband has some old stuff that sits there FOR YEARS now and I am sure it won’t be used.


3. Facebook marketplace. You can either give away things for free or, again, sell them. I also got rid of a few things for a laptop, an old phone, and some other stuff I didn’t use. If you don’t like the idea of selling stuff you won’t use, you dan donate it and people in your area will come and pick it up.


4. Pack your stuff (clothes mainly) and take it to the donation boxes If you’ve got these in your town.


5. Books. As for the books, I prefer to exchange them. Suggest your IG/FB/Twitter subscribers exchange their favorite books. So, you send 1-2 that you read and you won’t read anymore and they send you some of their books. Alternatively, you can also sell them If they are in a good condition. OR! In the UK you can leave them in the red phone box. Because there are no phones anymore, people sometimes use them to leave books they won’t read anymore and pick up some new ones to read. Alternatively, donate them to the charity shop.



As you can see, there are many ways how to free up some space around you. Keep in mind that it’s not to buy more and more new stuff to take the space of old things you got rid of.


It’s for you to stop buying anything to satisfy yourself and to understand the value of the things you own. Instead of buying bunch of cheap bad quality things – buy just a few, but good quality so it will last you much longer and !! make sure you enjoy it, truly enjoy it and you won’t have a need to replace it in a month or two.

We like scrolling through Amazon / eBay / Aliexpress / Wish to see If there is anything cheap ad nice that we think we need. But do we actually need it?

There was a great point on the show that we now got used to mass-buying and we sometimes think we need a new phone, new pair of shoes, new bag, even new book, just because it’s new, or someone said it’s cool to own. Settig up your own rules of buying things and getting rid of useless ones will give you more freedom of stuff – that’s what I am learning.


When new iPhoe 12 pro came out I was in agony! We are saving up for the house, so it’s the least of the priority I’ve got now as my iPhone XR works perfectly. But this voice of the kid inside me “But it’s new and I want it” – doesn’t let go!


So I’ve got a compromise. At first – get a house. Then – save up for it. If I want it that much – I won’t get in on finance. I will save up for it and when my contract ends, I’ll sell my iPhone XR for like…£300 and will invest them into buying a new phone as I want. So I got rid of this impuls of getting it right now, no matter how, even If it’s an expensive financing with ridiculous payments of £80 p/m (!!!! just thijnk.. 80…£…. per month.. fot 2 years! it’s maddness!).


Trick your mind a little bit and explain it why you’re doing certain things. It’s very beneficial to face your habits, especially, bad ones and change them.


Happy Decluttering 🙂



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