Hey reader!

I’m very glad to see you here. I’m Anastasia Eremeeva (Aveemere If you read backwards 😏). I grew up in a small Russian town, moved to Saint-Petersburg in my 21 and now live in the Czech Republic, Prague for 1.5 years so far. I started blogging journey a long ago, but a personal website is something that I came up only half a year ago and I am loving it!

I am an experienced sales manager, account manager, media buyer and customer success manager. But office work always made me more curious about creative projects. When I was a kid, my parents brought me to a dance school. After 19 years I am still dancing. 4 years ago I started dancing hip-hop and this style just go me! I am totally crazy about music and tons of tracks actually inspire me to dance. I am dreaming about my own creative space or a dance school. 

I am an active person-scanner. I love exploring and studying new things – new dance styles, calligraphy, new sports, travelling, singing and sooo on. So this is a personal blog about lifestyle and life-experience. About learning new things, self-motivation and self-development. About challenging myself and helping others to challenge themselves. I want to come to my own business and I want to track it all here so you could follow my journey! 

Me and my fiancee Declan travel as soon as we have an opportunity (which is quite often within the Czech Republic and England), so I will be sharing some interesting places with some travel tips.

With love!  Anastasia.


We do some vlogs with Declan on Youtube